Engagement tools for growing solar installers

We bring enterprise grade software used by the likes of SolarCity™ and Sunrun™ to small and medium sized solar installers
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Our Core Features

A Customer Portal
Provide your customers a portal to log in to and interact with their solar experience.
Referral Pages
Provide your customers with a great system for sharing their solar experience. 
Live Actual Savings
Show your customers exactly what they’re saving. Send out engagement reports monthly or based on milestone.

Referral Pages

Provide your existing customers a beautiful personalized referral page that reflects their system, savings, and testimonial
Engage your referrals
Our unique referral pages aren't just forms. Your referrals see what your customer has to say, how their bill has changed, and qualify their own home within minutes.
Custom Referral Links
Referral links are unique and customizable (e.g. solarco.com/mysystem), allowing them to be shared across all social networks providing you with more exposure.
Track who is getting the most views and engagement on their referral page. See if one of your systems went viral.
Each of our products is fully white labeled. Everything from pages, to emails, to links is completely masked by your brand.
Fully Modular
Our products work together extremely well and play off each other’s strengths, but if you’re interested in just one or two parts of the system, your customers will receive the same great experience.
Admin Dashboard
The installer interacts with their customers via our dedicated admin dashboard with roles from salesperson to owner. Salesforce integration will soon be available as well.
Ongoing Updates
We’re continuously updating our products to be the best based on what we learn. As updates become available, you’ll be able to approve or deny them before they go out to your customers.